noviembre 10, 2011

Teamwork, the only way out

In this time, where all nations are going for a revolution, product of indignation  caused for your leaders; there is only something that can change the things, this is the teamwork.
If every nation's, struggling for a change, this are possible.
We used to think that had nations in best situation that ours, but how right is that in every nations the poors are the most, and suffer from the policies of the state and banks, for this is necesary teamwork of every nations for change world.

If We use our intelligence to change this system for one that benefits all the people and our environment, and  to in the future the children not have the problems that have at the moment.
Also need the common good but guarantee that society it thrives, because  when predominates the particular good on the common good, the nation is open to in injustices.
Always is need think of the common good.
Thanks for reading this many  success for you

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